Dr Jeremiah Kelly

About Jeremiah

From optometry to medical device designer.


  • My first degree was in Ophthalmic Optics at Aston University in Birmingham this allowed me to enter postgraduate training to become an Optometrist.

  • I then became frustrated that I could understand articles written by Saunders but not the counter papers from Harris. Both were published by the OPO the journal of Optometry in the UK. So I took a degree in Mathematics at the Open University.

  • I was working as an Optometrist and decided I wanted to have a better understanding of my work. I was bored, so I studied for a Masters degree in Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision Science and I loved it, learned about biochemistry, in particular physiological cascades and monoclonal antibodies. I had a young family and it was a struggle, so when I was invited to take a PhD I had to decline.

  • But, I had another opportunity and I completed a PhD in Neuroscience. I investigated dark adaptation, the ability that mammals have to see in very low light light. I was also able to develop my understanding of biochemistry and found I was able to apply my mathematical skills and had to learn how to program computers, write shell scripts, learn Fortran, R , C++, LaTeX and countless other skills.

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