Dr Jeremiah Kelly

Mumac Ltd

20 Mar 2021 - Work

A Medical Device Company

A smart digital early-alert screening process that detects AMD at the earliest possible stage, when treatment can most effectively interrupt or slow down the progression of the disease.

Early detection of AMD is vital. If detected late or not diagnosed at all, it leads to either debilitating sight loss or blindness. RapiDA has been developed to help prevent the disease from progressing this far.

AMD is the largest cause of sight loss or blindness in the developed world. RapiDA’s early-alert digital screening process is a big step forward in tackling this major global health problem.

RapiDA has been developed by a University of Manchester spin-out company, Mumac. Its patented technologies, which use dark adaptation, are affordable, simple to operate and provide fast results – screening can be completed in just five minutes.

The team behind RapiDA has considerable experience of developing specialist ophthalmic instruments and techniques. Other innovative ophthalmic products are currently in the Mumac pipeline.

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